Wordy Wednesday: Dinner Conversations with Toddlers

Ariana’s mother told her that eating fruits and vegetables was essential to having a balanced diet.

“But I don’t like vegetables, Mommy. They’re nasty.”

“You’re supposed to eat at least three servings of fruits and vegetables every day to stay healthy. Now eat your carrots and broccoli.”

“But this is only two vegetables, so can I have grapes instead? I only ate a banana and orange today.”

“No, you don’t need anything sweet this late.”

Ariana frowned. “That don’t make sense, Mommy. I want mac and cheese.”

“That’s not a fruit or a vegetable.”

“But it’s good,” she said with a smile.

Ariana’s mother rolled her eyes and picked up the plate full of untouched vegetables. Ariana smiled to herself, believing she had won the battle.

Her mother put a bowl of Easy Mac in the microwave, and while it cooked, she chopped the carrots and broccoli into tiny bits. When the microwave beeped, she retrieved the bowl and stirred the vegetables into the mac and cheese. “Here,” she said, sliding the bowl across the table to her daughter.

“What’s that stuff in it?” Ariana asked.

“It’s good for you. Just eat.”

Ariana licked the bowl clean without the slightest hesitation.


word count: 201


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Wordy Wednesday: Drunken Mistakes

His kisses make me squeamish. It’s unnatural for a man to have lips this soft. They feel like old bubble gum I’ve chewed through my sleep, turned into a slimy film coated on the roof of my mouth by morning. He pushes his long, skinny tongue between my lips, swirls it around as if he’s beating eggs. He moans loudly. I’ve barely touched him and I can already see the bulge in his pants. His dirty words don’t excite me.

I bet you got a fat clit.”

“Let me bite your nipple.”

He’s disgusting. But I sleep with him anyway.




This flash fiction piece is part of Wordy Wednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm.