Class Field Trip

“Stop running around the pool!” She blew a faint whistle to call attention to the frantic children splashing in the water daring Jason to cannon ball.

“If I have to tell you one more time, I’m sitting you in the bleachers,” she struggled to vocalize above the high-pitched squeals.

“Mrs. Halton, can I come out of time-out now?”

She nodded, and Ronnie sprinted toward where Jason was preparing to jump.


But his heel had already slipped, his head slammed against the tile. Jason’s knees buckled as Ronnie crashed into him, and they both tumbled into the clear blue water.


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Honeymoon Skinny Dip

Even in summer, the water was freezing at night.

“Don’t shrivel up on me.” I slipped out of my bikini bottoms, dangled them above his head.

“Let’s not flash anyone.” He winked and took my hand, drawing me further out to sea.

If Squeezing Was Enough

Pa winds one arm, dives under the rushing wave. I follow the ripples in the water as one foot kicks sporadically and the other glides behind.

Since his stroke, Pa wakes early each morning and swims against the tide to build strength in his left side. Some days he struggles, rising from the sea, hand on heart, coughing up salt water and gasping for air.

Today he’s slipped under twice, but the handprint left on my cheek from the last time I tried to help keeps me planted in front of the window wringing soapy dish water from the sponge.

word count: 100


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