Mickey D’s Sweet Tea

It’s the only product on the menu we make fresh daily. People order it in droves. In the drive-thru, I fill 32oz. cups with ice, line them next to the dispensers. I’m always prepared for a big sweet tea order.

Corporate wants to see our drive-thru in action. They say we have the fastest time in the city. One of the owners takes two cups, pours out the ice, drains the dispenser of its famously sweetened contents. “Let’s see how it tastes.” She winks.

The next car has six passengers. They all want tea. My drive-thru time creeps past 100 seconds.

word count: 100


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Southern Love – English #frapalymo

Love Haiku #5

He made sweet tea in
the mason jar he used to
catch lightning bugs the

night before. We swing
on the porch bench, sticking tongues
down to lick sugar

caked on the bottom
as the sun sets and our cheeks
glow like lightning bugs.


This poem is written as part of #frapalymo which Bee will be translating into English for us at The Bee Writes…  frapalymoToday’s prompt is “write a poem about the countryside.”