English #frapalywo: Rock. Steady. Love.

Love Tanka #9

He took me to sea
to meet his first love. The salt
in the air, I ask.
No. Kiss of mist on my cheek
in ocean breeze—No. Gleaming

reflection of sun
on rippling waves’ surface—No.
Shhh, he whispers, his
breath a spritz of water—
refreshing. His hands on my

waist, gently rock me,
steady. Listen, soft lips pinch
my earlobe, voice calls
my name in the wind. Nothing.
No – thing. You, my love.


Written for English #frapalywo. #Frapalywo is a German poetry challenge for Mrs. Paulchen’s poetry week. All this week, we are writing poems about our theme, noise. Today’s prompt is “at sea.”

Attempted #frapalymo

Night is like a silent sea
reflected in the sky.
I raise my arms above my head,
into the ocean I dive.
Stars adorn the barren floor. 
The moon illuminates the waves
that push me back onto the shore,
expels me from my grave.


frapalymoThis poem is written as part of #frapalymo which Bee will be translating into English for us at The Bee Writes…  Today’s prompt is on the classical side. It is the first line, “night is like a silent sea,” from the poem, “The Night-Flower,” by Joseph von Eichendorff. As the original German poem looks to have a rhyme scheme, I decided to embrace the classical theme altogether and give my poem a rhyme scheme as well.