“I require down payment.” The black veil over the woman’s face obscures her eyes, but I hear the deception in her nasal voice.

Janet drops the thick envelope onto the table with a thud. Her last paycheck, about $800 in twenties, sealed inside.

“This won’t give you closure,” I whisper, but she sits in front of the crystal ball.

“Extra for her.” The woman flicks her wrist in my direction.

“She’s a scam,” I plead.

“What’s your dearly departed’s name?”

“I’ve got to know,” Janet says. She’d rather a county fair psychic tell her that her husband’s finally at peace.

word count: 99


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“I see absolutely everything.”

“I promise, we’re not about to eat pretty doe eyes over there,” Hank said as he seared the venison tenderloin.

Theresa turned from the deer head mounted on the wall, her pupils dilated as the animal’s, frozen in the expression it assumed once it realized its impending death.

“I know you don’t like seeing red in your meat, but venison is tough. So if you want it well done, you’ll be chewing all night.”

“However you cook it is fine.” The words floated on air, barely reaching his ears.

Hank poked his head into the den. “What’s the matter with you?”

“True psychics know this gift is a curse. They’d never abuse it for profit.” She didn’t meet his eyes, stared past him, above his head at something invisible to the natural realm. “Would you believe me if I told you the world as we know it would end tomorrow?”

word count: 150


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