SoCS: No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 30

She still can’t open her eyes.
I cradle her pink, oval
face in my calloused, black hands.
Paint chips still on my jeans—
finishing a job when I got the call.
Mother extends a blessing hand from the bed,
pink band around her wrist.
Her scratchy voice says Rosa.
The little body cupped in my wide arms wiggles.
Her nose scrunches. Her lips quiver.
She opens her mouth and releases a shrill scream.
My first reaction to the birth of
my precious baby girl—
Her breath stinks.


And I am done with my poetry writing challenge! Yes, I have successfully written a new and original poem every day for 30 days (though I never quite confirmed that 30 days would be the goal). If you’d like to read previous poems for my No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge, click the My Poetry tab on the navigation menu. This is also part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Love Is In Da Blog. Today’s prompt: relative/relativity.




#LoIsInDaBL: No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge Day 29

Not Quite a Tanka

Grandpa’s lady friend
commented on my weight loss.
“It don’t mean nothing
if she ain’t got a man.” He’s
still upset I didn’t get my
MRS. degree in college.


This poem is dedicated to my granddaddy, the only man I can count on to buy me a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Part of Love Is In Da Blog.wp_20150130_009

No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 28


I heard the voices,
knocked over trash cans. I saw
the blade plunged into
his back. Blood pooled on asphalt
seven minutes until death.


One-Liner-Wednesday: No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge Day 27

Love Haiku #4

Scoop powdery snow
into hands, bring to puckered
lips, blow me a kiss.


Also part of One-Liner-Wednesday hosted by LindaGHill.

No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 26

Sleet pelts my head—
I left my hat and scarf
at home—
my hair is stiff in the
frozen air.
I trudge through the ice—
my feet numb in my boots.
I’m shivering for the warmth
of my bed and snuggie.
I enter my 2-bedroom apartment—
the air has been turned
down to 56.
Thermostat Nazi strikes again.


No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 25

She had reached
her breaking point.

Her blood boiling,
anticipating her to end it.

Then the temperature cooled.

The wind blew her
hair across her face,

wrapped her shawl
around her shoulders.

White flakes of frozen
dust fell from the sky.

Standing center
of the intersection,

her arms outstretched,
she lifted her head,

stuck out her tongue.
She didn’t see the car

skidding on the frozen road.


No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge Day: 24

After Valentine’s Day Haiku 

I might have gained ten
pounds from all the chocolate
I ate yesterday.


No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 23

Single Ladies Haiku

Valentine’s Day means
red velvet cake, chocolate
kisses to myself.


No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 22

Today’s prompt for Love Is In Da Blog is to delve into the darker sides of love. Fair warning, I get pretty dark. If you want to read a happier poem, check out my love tanka here. For those of you willing to stick around, brace yourselves.

My lover called himself a wolf.
I didn’t believe him—
his lips were too soft,
his eyes too green, naive—
but when we made love
for the first time,
he flipped me over
covered my head with a pillow
defiled me from behind
the way he’d seen it done in
endless internet movies,
and I finally understood.
He said he liked it—
relished the illusion.
I cried into the lukewarm
bath water of our
porcelain tub when I
realized I wasn’t
the first girl he’d
explored his fantasy with
but I was the only one
who consented.


No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 21

a primitive practice—
physicians lacked
the knowledge of
modern medicine—
a strike of the hammer
against the pick into the
skin, let the thick
blood marred by
toxin, parasite, disease
drain from the body
and cure a soul of misery.
How is their belief
different from those
with zebra stripes
along their arms?