A Kiss in Your Pocket (Bonus Post): Nude (#AtoZChallenge #LovePoetry)

Love Tanka #10

Show me everything,
baby, and I’ll remove my clothes—
tonight we’ll learn all
there is of one another,
from our heads to our toes

2019© Nortina Simmons

Here’s another bonus post for the A to Z Challenge, this one inspired by the “M” and “N” sedoka pair. Again, this isn’t necessarily part of my A Kiss in Your Pocket theme, but the muse has definitely been talkative since I started this project, so I’m letting her take over and guide my pen…err…fingers. 🙂

A Kiss in Your Pocket (Bonus Post): First Kiss (#AtoZChallenge #LovePoetry)

Today, I dreamt of our
first kiss, how you asked
for my forehead, and then
my lips—you were half
out the door, but I pulled
you back in—Oh, how I
wish I could kiss you again

2019© Nortina Simmons

I hope you enjoyed my bonus “F” post for the A to Z Challenge! This isn’t really part of my A Kiss in Your Pocket theme, but if I were to published my chapbook of pocket-sized love poems, this one just might make the cut… 🙂

Fickle Teenage Love

Meet me at midnight under the giant Hershey’s Kiss.

Rachel pressed her phone against her chest. This was it. As the bells rang, and the confetti flew, and the star atop the decommissioned water tower descended upon the town of roughly 1,000, Rachel would receive her first kiss. At 12:01, her year of love and happiness, conjured by the pressing together of lips with the boy of her dreams, would begin.

Rachel’s father leaned back and popped the tin lid on the bottle of sparkling cider. “Let’s stay in this year.”

“I agree. I’m tired of the waterworks,” her mother add. “That tower still leaks, and Rachel’s always crying because some boy didn’t meet her like he promised he would.”

Her father looked up. “Who is it this time?”


“That emo kid? Heavens no! You are staying in this house,” her mother commanded.

“God! You’re ruining my life!” Rachel screamed then stomped up the stairs, two at a time.

“And now the waterworks.” Her mother rolled her neck. “Open a bottle of wine, would ya, sweetie?”

word count: 175


photo-20151228061913907Written in response to this week’s photo prompt for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers–a weekly challenge where you write a story in 75-175 using the provided photo prompt as inspiration. Also written for Days 28-29 of 31 Days of Holiday Hooligans.

Drunken Christmas Party Haiku

Puncture wounds like
fangs sunk into bottom lip,
not of pelting sleet—

ice picks falling from
sky—but eggnog induced kiss,
mistletoe provoked.


Day 18 of 31 Days of Holiday Hooligans

Selfish Lover #frapalymo #tanka

Love Tanka #2

Fire ants climb from
clay mounds, rests between my toes.
I wait to greet you
under the chokecherry tree,
sucking ripe berries—stained lips …

… kiss the tops of breasts
blushing red, feet ablaze, you
slip your tongue between
neck and chin, ignore the sting,
your love resides amidst burns.


 frapalymoThis poem is written as part of #frapalymo which Bee will be translating into English for us at The Bee Writes…  Today’s prompt is a coupled prompt. I combined today’s and tomorrow’s: “the I” and “the you.”

No Holds Barred Poetry Writing Challenge: Day 15

Love Haiku #3

Rain pelts my forehead
as I raise my head skyward
and you kiss my neck.


Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images