Trojan Ice Cream

“Twinkle, twinkle little star!” Amanda sang as she pushed the toy ice cream truck across the carpet. Under her breath, she snickered, the bridge of her nose vibrating. It’ll be just like that big wooden horse Mrs. Pinto taught us about in school, she thought.

She crawled across the hall, pushing the truck in front of her. “How I wonder what you are!” She stopped at her twin brother’s bedroom door and knocked three times.

“Who dares to enter?” Blake said in a deep voice.

“We surrender!” Amanda squeaked.

“Muwahahahahaha! Victory is mine!” The door slowly creaked open. “Enter, puny human,” Blake said from behind the door.

“Up above the world so high,” Amanda continued as she rolled into the dark lair of her brother’s room. The lights were off, and the curtains were drawn. Lined at the base of his bed were twenty black and gray LEGO minions of Blake’s Megaforce. Blake walked his evil leader towards the truck, flapping its black cape behind it and breathing heavily as if he were wearing a mask like Darth Vader or Bane. The toy’s red eyes glowed under its helmet.

“King Peril, he who reigns dominion over the Megaforce, demands you give him an Orange Dreamsicle!” Blake said, shaking his toy in the air.

“Dream on this, sucker!” Amanda aimed the ice cream cone on top of the truck at King Peril’s head and fired a fatal laser beam between his eyes.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” Blake yelled.

“Smell defeat, worthless scum!” Amanda shouted.

“I . . . can’t . . . feel,” Blake whispered. Then he let out a loud gasp as King Peril sank into the carpet and crocked.

“We are victorious!” Amanda screamed. She waved the truck in her brother’s face, teasing him.

From downstairs, their mother call out, “Kids, the ice cream truck is outside!”

The faint music came from below the window. Like a diamond in the sky . . .

Amanda and Blake suddenly looked at each other with wide eyes. Blake shot up and retrieved two water guns from his closet.

“We must defend the homeland!” He tossed a gun to Amanda.

“Agreed.” She nodded, and they both ran downstairs, ready to lay siege on the invading ice cream truck.


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge for writers to create a story of approximately 100-200 words using the provided photo prompts.