#AtoZChallenge A Drabble for a Tag: I Don’t Need a Man

I don’t care that he’s walked past our table twice and hasn’t so much as glanced my way.

When he returns from the restroom, I drop my napkin onto the floor directly in his path. He steps over it without hesitation.

I feel invisible, questioning reality as I did at his doorstep.

“Don’t be so obvious,” Mel says. “It was a one-night stand. He’s found someone else, you should too.”

“I don’t need a man.”

“Right, so this awkward, putting-yourself-in-his-way routine isn’t because you’re desperate for attention.”

Now I wish I was drunk. I can’t stomach Mel’s voice another second.


The A to Z Challenge is back, and this year, I’m giving you 26 drabbles (100-word stories) using some of my favorite unused or underused tags.

Today’s tag is “I don’t need a man,” from a previous Lyrical Fiction Friday prompt that I haven’t written a story for until now. 😉

Stay tuned for “J” tomorrow!

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