A Misunderstanding

I was never mad at her. How could I be? Mina was to become my wife in less than two weeks.

“You lying sonofabitch!”

I guess all women believe their miserable girlfriends over their fiancés. Apparently not getting piped in over a year makes you think clearer. Bitch Sherry. She has date with my sissy’s fist pretty soon. I don’t hit women.

I can’t help my sailor’s talk. I grew up in a house where fuck was used every other word. Pops damned everything he touched, including himself when he drove his ’96 Impala off the Jiminy Creek River Bridge with a Budweiser in his lap.

I woke up the next morning to Mina’s engagement ring left on my nightstand, half the closet empty. She even took my DeMarco Murray jersey — pre Philly debacle. She always did think that was hers.


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