A Kiss in Your Pocket: Being (#AtoZChallenge #LovePoetry)


Cold again, but my
heart beats warm blood through soul veins—
To see you is life

2019© Nortina Simmons

A Kiss in Your Pocket: Again (#AtoZChallenge #LovePoetry)


Blossom buds on branches;
Snow returned—fresh, raw—and your
sweet nectar, delayed

2019© Nortina Simmons

Spume Kisses

Love Haiku #12

Spume kisses on toes—
He drew me out to sea the
summer the sun froze.

#ThrowbackThursday Poetry: Southern Love

He made sweet tea in
the mason jar he used to
catch lightning bugs those

childhood summer nights.
When we’ve finished it all, drunk
on honey, we lick

our tongues inside, reach
for the crystalized sugar
caked to the bottom,

fill our mouths with more
as the sun sets and our cheeks
glow like fire flies.

This is a revised version of the original poem, which was posted May 3, 2015.

#BlaPoWriMo: Work

Work all day under
the hot sun; at night lie still—
until Master comes


Written for Black Poetry Writing Month (BlaPoWriMo). This year, we’re taking a journey through the different eras of black poetry and history. This week’s era is: slavery.


Lost amidst the veil
of leaves, I catch her tears as
pendulous branches

cinch her lungs, suspend
her midair, waiting til death—
he returns to me.


Been wanting to jump on this 2018 Haiku Challenge, hosted by Ericajean over at The Write Web, for a while now.

Week 2 of the challenge is all about writing the senryu, which has the same 5-7-5 line structure as a haiku, but thematically focuses on human nature and emotions, while the haiku makes reference to seasons and nature.

Not sure if my poem qualifies as a senryu, since it still has nature in it, but it was definitely fun to write.

By the way, today is my blogging anniversary! Yes, I’ve been writing “love stories (and poems) with a twist and other peculiar tales” officially for four years now! In celebrating my anniversary, I used a line from the very first poem I ever posted on this blog to inspire the above senryu:

…And I left her skinny ass swinging from the branch of a willow tree…

Ho, ho, ho

Love Haiku #11

Ho, ho, ho— your laugh
calls me; snow knee-deep, we make
angels on our backs


First Frost

Love Haiku #10

A chill in the air
reminds me of your breath—iced
mint. Froze my lips numb.



Hello, sweet autumn—
your falling leaves kiss my skin
like cinnamon. Ground

to dust, you sprinkle
all-spiced flavors in my mug;
taste winter brewing.


#MicroPoetryIsBae, so here’s a micro poem in response to Amina’s autumn inspired haiku. Check it out here!

Rumbling Thunder

Love Haiku #9

Thunderclap wakes me
in bed, void of your body
heat. I remember

a time when your eyes
lit my room as lightning, your
love gushed like driving

rain. In the distant
shower outside my window,
I think of you. How

you smashed into me
like hurricane winds and kissed
me with tempest force.

You are my storm, Dear
Lust. When darkness descends, I
burn for your fire.