Feminists in the Snow

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Georgina sang, knocking softly on her sister’s bedroom door.

“I curse the Christmas Mama bought you that stupid movie!” Regina’s muffled voice answered.

“It’s only the best movie ever!”

“I can think of ten movies that are way better.”

“Name ’em!”

The door suddenly swung open, and Georgina fell forward, meeting her chin with Regina’s big toe. Regina kicked up her foot and hobbled backward to her bed. “I swear you have the hardest head of the human race!” she said, caressing her toe.

“C’mon.” Georgina jumped in place. “I already measured six inches. That’s enough, right?” She pulled a plastic ruler from her polka dot rubber boot. The snow had since melted and all that remained on the bottom half of the ruler were droplets of water.

“You know, for that movie to be all about girl power, why is it that they still build a snowman?” Regina scratch her chin. She raised one eyebrow and smirked towards the ceiling as the idea reigned down on her head like a dusting of snow. “Why not a snow woman?”

“But how would we make it look like a girl?”

Regina threw on her boots and coat. “Mama still asleep?” she asked over her shoulder as she searched her drawer for her gloves buried under socks missing their other halves.

“Yea, why?”

“Where’s that ugly wig she’s always wearing?” She stuffed her hands into the wool gloves, turned and pushed the drawer closed with her hip.

“It’s on the knob in the shower. She washed it last night.”

“Good we’ll put the wig on it.”

“On the snowman?”

Regina bent down and put both hands on her sisters shoulders. “Snow woman.”

“Ahh!” Georgina said, mouth agape. “And we’ll name her Olfina!” Georgina gave Regina a wide, obnoxious wink.

“Sure, whatever. Go get the wig. I’ll meet you outside.” Georgina dashed for the bathroom. When she disappeared around the corner, Regina mumbled under her breath, “Still a stupid movie.”


Day 17 of 31 Days of Holiday Hooligans

Frozen Dreams

He didn’t see the kid at first. Or maybe he did and hoped that she had wandered ahead of her actual mother rolling the stroller behind them. He ducked his head under the balloon tower, saw their fingers intertwined. Could it be her little sister? A niece, perhaps? Could a woman so young and beautiful— perfectly blushed cheeks, plump, ruby lips, naturally golden hair— already be married and have a child?

He remembered something his twice-divorced mother always said when he was little. The good ones are always taken. 

“Excuse me, sir. Are you gonna buy a balloon or just stare at that lady’s butt the whole time?”

He looked down at the balloon woman’s naked ring finger. And the mouthy, cynical ones wonder why they can’t keep a man.

“I’ll take the Olaf.” He shoved the dollar into her fist, snatched the balloon from the pile.

“Imagine how much fun you’ll have in summer!” He handed the little girl the balloon, winked at her mother. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

word count: 172


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge where you write a story in 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) using the provided photo prompt as inspiration.

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Frozen Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s

“Pizza anyone?”  The waiter laid an extra-large, supreme pizza onto the table in front of the party of fifteen bouncing three-year-olds.

“Yay!” they chanted.

The pizza was loaded with mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheese. It had pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and mushrooms. The crust was crisp on the outside, but thick and soft in the middle.

The supervising parents placed a small slice onto a light blue plastic plate in front of each child, starting with the birthday girl. She took a bite and strings of cheese dangled from the corners of her mouth and on her chin. When she finished, she was a white and yellow whiskered princess. She held the leftover crust in her hand like a wand and, twirling around in her blue tutu and braided, blond wig, she sang, “Let it go! Let it go!” as her preschool friends sat in their chairs eating and kicking in delight. 

word count: 150


This is in response to Mondays Finish the Story: a flash fiction challenge where we provide you with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. Your challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

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