Lovely Curses is a name I devised from a poem I wrote several years ago entitled, “A Blessed Curse.” This poem explores the workings of a toxic relationship in which a woman who is repeatedly heart broken by her lover (the curse) returns to his embrace because she can’t force herself to ignore his haphazard maneuvers of devotion and affection (the blessing).

Still, I come back.

Because you open your doors to me,
seductively offering
nourishment, warmth, solace,
if only for a moment,
because in that moment,
I am blessed.

Forgetting my curse
will soon follow.
—excerpt from “A Blessed Curse”

I believe this poem accents my brand as an author, because although I write on a variety of subjects, one topic I always come back to is the mistakes one makes in blinding love.


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  1. As women we are taught to remain open and to forgive but men are never told to do otherwise. Oh he’s just being a boy they say but it is absurd for a woman to step away.

    On the flipside we are naturally nuturing and our love continues to give even when our mind is tired and says no. We live in this over and over until we are nothing but darkness. Completely stuck in the sunken place and no one can hear us.

    Beautiful words use to depict a sad situation.

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    1. Women definitely endure an endless emotional roller coaster when it comes to love, whether it’s with a significant other, children, family, etc. And no one can truly understand that but women. It’s a special superpower we have to tough it out, though it’s not something we always want.

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      1. I think that’s why our emotions are so abundant. It just flows from every direction just like mother nature. We are designed to give life and to love it like a god. It’s neither a gift or a curse it just is. We are feeling everything because it derived from us. It’s in our godly nature to stay connected and only when we try to disassociate from that is when we experience the depression.

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  2. ‘Every love story has a curse within’. So true. I believe perfect love exists, but even more it exists in fiction stories. Everything in life including love and romance has little ingredients of curses.
    Nice meeting you.


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