Lost in the Twilight Zone Marathon | Ep 14 | Thoughts and Prayers

Recent events have reminded me of a little work of fiction I wrote that was meant to be dystopian. With each new day, it feels more real, less imaginary. When will enough be enough? I woke up tears this morning. How about you?

Lovely Curses

After thoughts and prayers didn’t work, the state decreed the nonexistence of God. As proof, they declared terrorism no longer a threat. “For what god do you strap a bomb on your chest and take the lives of the innocent and able-bodied?” The Cross-bearing political zealots accepted this, not realizing their God too was rendered an anachronism, and they were swiftly liquidated for their attempts to merge church and state.

With the death of God went all morals. Mass shootings increased. Gun reform was abandoned. Immigration was outlawed, and anyone who couldn’t prove citizenship by birth or command of the English language was shipped to whatever shithole country their skin complexion or dialect most resembled. Public health was sacrificed for strategic business plans. It was decided that court hearings were a waste of time: if deemed of no use to the state, one was shot on the spot.

The faithful…

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One thought on “Lost in the Twilight Zone Marathon | Ep 14 | Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Well – declaring the non-existence of God might be a step in the right direction.
    Assuming that there are still people hiding in a dark cave somewhere who inexplicably believe in this tired old myth it’s reasonable to assume that they are probably armed and dangerous and ready to exercise their God-given right to blow the heads off anybody with a differing point of view. Declaring the utter absurdity of their belief in a benevolent sky-fairy and declaring it officially as nonsense may be a good way to flush them out and relieve them of God’s semi-automatic instruments of negotiation.
    It won’t solve everything, of course, but it’s a start.
    The next place to look might be at quiet white male losers with no actual human friends and a vitamin D deficiency who were ‘misunderstood’ at school.

    Not that I’m suggesting any sort of profiling is appropriate because we all know that pathetic fucking lunatics come in all shapes and sizes and, in certain parts of the world, are legally entitled to get their hands on a weapon specifically designed to kill people in wars,


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