At dusk, the Legend sets sail for Bermuda. On my stateroom balcony, I watch below as the ship cuts through waves, the small crests forming shapes reminiscent of the six-inch stuffed polar bear I carried everywhere as a child, until one day at the beach a rip current snatched her out of my hands.

I cried myself violet that day—as I do now, on what was originally an anniversary cruise, until that secretary and her ripped stockings snatched him out of my hands.

In the white foam, I see her little paw reach up and dream for a reunion.

It’s Day 4 of Bloganuary, and the question is: What was your favorite toy as a child?

The real story has a much happier ending. A boy surfing a little further down the beach found her in the water, heard me screaming my head off, and figured she belonged to me. She’s never left my side since.

Yes, Nala was named after Nala from The Lion King. Yes, I’m aware she is not a lion.

Let me know I'm not talking to myself.

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