Podcast Frustrations and a Flashback Friday Episode

Alright so I have to be honest. I’m reconsidering this podcast idea. Because this episode, which is just under three minutes, took entirely too long to create. Six freaking hours to be exact. For a podcast episode that’s two minutes and 28 seconds.

Between apartment noises at inopportune moments (leaf blowers, trucks revving their engines, dogs barking nonstop, and neighbors dropping things and slamming doors), fumbling over words and struggling to read my own dang writing, and realizing the story desperately needed editing (because it was written at a time in my career when I thought lots of pretty words equaled great writing), what was originally supposed to be a “Throwback Thursday” post is now going up on Friday, and I’m still not 100% happy with it.

Plus, that is six hours of writing and editing that I won’t get back. Six hours I could’ve spent on writing a drabble for the day or editing my novella (which I’m determined to finish by the end of December).

But as frustrated as I am, after all this time I spent trying to perfect this episode, somebody is going to listen to it dang it!

So, a couple things to remember before I attempt to record the next podcast episode…

  1. Nortina, you are a writer first. Don’t take on any more endeavors that’s going to further distract you from your writing, especially after you’ve been away for over two years.
  2. The podcast should be a special treat for your blog followers, not another job. You wanted it to be fun, right? So keep it fun, but understand your limits. Weekly episodes? Not feasible. One episode a month of a top post from the previous month? That could work. Getting frustrated to the point of mental breakdown over a story written seven years ago. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So, although I’m not going to give it up completely, for the sake of my own sanity, it might be a few weeks before another episode goes live. While you wait, here’s “A Cold, Gray August,” an eerie story that was originally published on this blog January 9, 2014. It saw a few revisions as I was working on the podcast, so if you’ve been here since the beginning, why not have a revisit?

If you don’t have Spotify, you can also listen to the full episode here.

What are your thoughts on this new podcast feature WordPress has? Me, I’ll remain optimistic, but to be honest, I prefer typing to speaking.

3 thoughts on “Podcast Frustrations and a Flashback Friday Episode

  1. Would you benefit from someone helping you create your podcasts? I’m interested in learning how to edit and maybe you could benefit from someone helping you out. I wouldn’t charge anything as we could both benefit. I hope to hear from you soon.


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