I’ve Found My Soulmate!

Apologies for the clickbait title, but… Well, it is sort of true.

You see, I have found my soulmate…in a graphic designer. 😉

I write the books, and he designs the covers.

We’ve already had some discussions about my Christmas novella, so you know I’m not making this up.

Of course, I kind of have to write (or in this case, edit) the book first. So, while he’s waiting for me to get my sh*t together, he’s been finding design work in other ways, including t-shirt designs on Amazon.

Maybe you guys noticed the shameless plug in my last post

“Not a hugger” referring to this…

The shirt’s message couldn’t be furthest from the truth for me, because I am most definitely “a hugger”! But I love to support my entrepreneur friends.

Like my friend who writes comic books and does animations, and my friend who started her own all-natural makeup line. Even my friend who’s an up-and-coming actor. I sat through one of the most boring Hallmark Christmas dog movies ever (not that any of these movies are any good, even with dogs, but this one was particularly insufferable) just to see his three lines, and when they came, I was still the happiest little superfan ever!

Concerning my “soulmate” designer, I really am looking forward to our partnership (soon as I get that damn book written/edited), but until then, do show him your love.

And hey, who knows, maybe this is more than a business partnership. I mean, I am (reluctantly) a romance writer, right? Wouldn’t it be ironic if my book cover designer and I were… romancing?…

Unfortunately, he lives on the opposite end of the world and would need funds to get to the good ol’ “land of the free” to be with me, so if you want this love story to be written, you have to buy a shirt.

Love wins when you buy a shirt! Ironic because the shirt identifies its wearer as “not a hugger,” but more designs are coming, including some pretty dope cityscape designs, so be looking out for those. I’ll have everything displayed in a gallery on my sidebar to the right. You can click the images and go straight to Amazon.

…and one day soon, that link will be for my book too…hopefully…

But until then, no pressure, if you can, support my friend and buy a shirt. 😀


One thought on “I’ve Found My Soulmate!

  1. Super apologize for seeing this post months later.. 😔 . I am truly happy when designers and writers link up, it is definitely a great match. Before my husband began crafting gorgeous jewelry, he made a few of my early book covers. Also, I am hugger too! When I can support financially, I will. I’ll make sure to bookmark the links you’ve mentioned as well. 😊👍


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