#1MinFiction: Moving Out

I haven’t eaten in two days. Made a home for myself in this alley— newspaper for blankets, my shoulder bag as a pillow against the stoop to our apartment.

When he sees me like this, he’ll let me back in, I lie to keep myself warm at night.

The light at the end of my “tunnel,” the sounds of traffic, the voices of strangers frighten me.

But I must prove to myself that I can live…

…without him.


This short, albeit rusty, piece of flash (I’ve been away too long) is brought to you by Monday’s One-Minute Fiction, a challenge that asks you to write a story in one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided.

I struggled to squeeze everything I wanted to say into a minute, but maybe you had better luck with today’s B&W photo prompt…

3 thoughts on “#1MinFiction: Moving Out

  1. It feels cathartic, somehow.
    I may give this challenge a go. I need to try and get back to writing. A lousy condition muddles my head and i don’t trust my mind to do as I wish. But it could be where I try and see if I can. If you allow my intrusion.

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    1. It can be tough getting back into writing when you’ve been away from it for so long. I’ve always found that short fiction challenges like #1MinFiction really help me when I’m blocked. So give it a try! 😊


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