Lost amidst the veil
of leaves, I catch her tears as
pendulous branches

cinch her lungs, suspend
her midair, waiting til death—
he returns to me.


Been wanting to jump on this 2018 Haiku Challenge, hosted by Ericajean over at The Write Web, for a while now.

Week 2 of the challenge is all about writing the senryu, which has the same 5-7-5 line structure as a haiku, but thematically focuses on human nature and emotions, while the haiku makes reference to seasons and nature.

Not sure if my poem qualifies as a senryu, since it still has nature in it, but it was definitely fun to write.

By the way, today is my blogging anniversary! Yes, I’ve been writing “love stories (and poems) with a twist and other peculiar tales” officially for four years now! In celebrating my anniversary, I used a line from the very first poem I ever posted on this blog to inspire the above senryu:

…And I left her skinny ass swinging from the branch of a willow tree…

9 thoughts on “Willow

  1. Thank you so much , Nortina for the shout out! I really enjoyed your haiku! Sometimes Senryus will blend into the haikus to form something magical and that is what your words did for me. Very beautifully written!

    Liked by 2 people

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