Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of November 27

Rise and shine! Time to get out your stop watches, exercise your typing fingers, and pick your brains for some quick creativity.

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction challenges you to write a complete micro-fiction piece in, you guessed it, one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided! Of course, you can come back to edit for grammar & spelling, but the story itself must be written in a minute.

Your prompt may be a photo, or a word, or a sentence—whatever inspires me, and hopefully inspires you too.

This month, I’m partnering with Marquessa at Simply Marquessa to bring you #1MinFiction and her challenge, #LyricalFictionFriday. So be sure to stop by her blog this Friday for more fun prompts (and to build an awesome playlist too! 😉 )

Happy Cyber Monday! Yes, now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas shopping can begin. Of course, I’m more of a last minute shopper myself, and if you ask my mom, those Black Friday/Cyber Monday prices are far from good deals, but there’s always someone running to the store for the sake of commercialism…

Now it’s time for the rules. I don’t have many, because we all know rules are no fun, but here are the basic logistics for each challenge:

  • Write your story in one minute. (Use a stop watch to keep yourself honest. 😉 )
  • Post it to your blog and tag it #1MinFiction.
  • Link it back to this prompt post.

And that’s it! Let’s get to writing, shall we? And…

Ready . . .

Set . . .


4 thoughts on “Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of November 27

  1. Reblogged this on Simply Marquessa and commented:
    You know it’s Monday because it’s time for One Minute Fiction with Nortina at Lovely Curses! If you are participating in NaNoWriMo, this is the perfect opportunity to get the ink flowing!
    Comments will be turned off here so please click on the original link below to join in!


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