#TribeTuesdayWPChallenge: Suffering Setbacks but Keeping Hope Alive!

If I had the money, I’d hire myself a personal assistant . . . 

Welcome to another Tribe Tuesday update, and I have some bad news. Last week I fell into old habits, started procrastinating again, conveniently forgetting things. I fell behind on certain projects I was previously ahead on. As soon as I realized what was happening, I felt terrible. I spent the entire weekend sulking.

This is the worst time of the year to start procrastinating again. Thanksgiving is literally in TWO DAYS. For me, it starts tomorrow. Since I’ll be traveling on Thursday (hopefully the roads will be clear, everyone stuffing their faces), the family at home has decided to have dinner a day early. I thought it was a great idea, until I realized that the majority of the cooking would have to get done tonight, which means all those tasks I procrastinated on will have to go back on the back burner (after I worked so hard to get them off), or else all of our sides will come from a can, and I’m not about the “can” life. Fresh, whole, organic—it’s the future, the fountain of youth. I’ve even started buying brown eggs. Guess what? They taste EXACTLY THE SAME!

At least we have someone else smoking the bird.

Yes, smoking, not deep frying . . .

Because we’re soo health-conscious.

I’ve decided I won’t complain (another bad habit I’m trying to kick) about all the things I have to get done tonight, nor will I beat myself up for managing to dig another whole after I’d just gotten out of one. Despite my minor setback (which happens to all of us, I must realize), there are other things I’ve been doing consistently throughout the month (I’ll tell you more about these next time) that definitely deserve some praise. I can now say with confidence that I am not as bad of a procrastinator as I was at the first of this month.

That being said, there is still much work to be done. So while the black-eyed peas are boiling, I’ll be NaNoWriMo writing. While the squash is in the oven roasting, I’ll be scheduling blog posts. While the cranberries are bursting into a sweet and tarty sauce, I’ll be answering emails. And in the midst of all this, I’ll be jotting everything down. I kind of slacked off in my to-do lists, and this week has proved to me how much they truly help me stay organized, and remember the things I’ve procrastinated.

It truly is a shame that my memory is this bad, as young as I am. That doesn’t give me much hope for my golden years, seeing that dementia runs in my family.

But hey, maybe all those things I forgot in my prime will finally come back…

Until next Tuesday.

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