#TribeTuesdayWPChallenge Update: Finding Enough Time

It’s been two days since I officially kicked off my #TribeTuesday challenge to beat procrastination in November, and in just two days, I’ve learned a lot.

Number 1: My problem of procrastinating was much worse than I ever imagined.

Now I understand why I was so happy to lose my job in that dream (why thoughts of being off work for a few months is still alluring)…

There was time now. So much more time, at last.

The Twilight Zone – “Time Enough at Last” | CBS

Writing to-do lists has definitely given me a visual of what all I have to get done, and how little of it I actually finish by the end of the day.

And no, I am not talking about work, because as I’ve said before, I have very little to do while on the job. In fact, I go searching for things to do. I’m currently writing this post while at work. Probably not a good thing, but at least it makes me look busy.

The problem is when I get home, and I look at all the things I still have to do…

  • Make lunch for tomorrow
  • Cook dinner
  • Organize room
  • Write new post for blog (usually 2 to 3 posts)
  • Edit articles for church magazine
  • Make editorial schedule
  • Write an article to submit to church magazine
  • Write stories/poems to submit to literary magazines
  • Submit stories/poems to literary magazines
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Study for discipleship class, “Kingdom Living” 
  • Pay bills
  • Enroll in benefits for 2018
  • Crawl from under rock to talk to friends
  • Wash face, brush teeth, do hair
  • Pray (This should really come first. It might actually help me get my stuff together!)

Some of these are daily tasks, but a lot of them are things I’ve procrastinated on for too long (to the point that I just stopped procrastinating altogether and have conveniently forgotten about them), and now they’ve piled up on me.

I’ve actually talked about this my Sunday Morning Word devotional, how procrastination only leads to you having more things to do, leading to more stress because you don’t have enough time to do it, which ultimately sets you up for disaster (implosion, explosion, mental breakdown, etc.).

It’s about time I take my own advice.

The hard part is three to four days out of the week, I don’t get home until after 8:30 or 9:00 PM, which means if I still want to get at least six to seven hours of sleep at night (I really want eight hours, but rarely do I get that), I have about two, maybe three hours tops to get all these things done.

Ask me how many I checked off my list last night…

Three. I checked off three things.

At least one of them was to submit poems to a literary magazine. It’s been so long since I’ve submitted anything to a magazine. That alone deserves an applause!

But I have to be more productive, more efficient. I have to plan better. Especially if I want my “at home” to-do list to look as short as my “at work” to-do list. I’ve even created an “if work is slow” to-do list and added some of my “at home” tasks that I can do in the office. This will definitely help lighten my load since again, I won’t get home until after 9:00 PM tonight.

Still, I want to get out of the habit of doing non-work-related things at work. Lucky for me, the weekend is coming up, and although my weekends have been extremely busy since September (various events, football games, meetings, etc.), I’m choosing to take this weekend off, no excuses. I’ve got to get ahead of schedule for once and use my time wisely, because doing 15+ things in one night is just not manageable; I’m too slow!

I’ll check back in either on Sunday or Monday to give you one final update before transitioning into my next #TribeTuesday task for beating procrastination. Hopefully by then I’ll have a tight rein on my long to-do lists!



6 thoughts on “#TribeTuesdayWPChallenge Update: Finding Enough Time

  1. Oh! Isn’t amazing when you slow down enough to look in the mirror and assess what you can REALLY do because you’re facing it instead of running? It’s only been 2 says if rising at 5am and I already see the benefits…and that I need to prep better the night or even the week before. Good for you!!!👍

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    1. Yes! Being able to SEE definitely helps me to understand how much I overcommit. Well, I know what my challenge is for January: Simplicity! But a week’s prep would be a life saver! Just keep building up that cushion, and feel the burden lifted. With that, I think not only will you wake up earlier (and want to get up), but you’ll actually go to bed on time, which is what I’m striving for now!

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