PA: Procrastinators Anonymous #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge

Hi. My name is Nortina, and I’m a procrastinator.

Hi, Nortina.

I’ve been procrastinating since before I can remember—waiting until the last minute to go to the bathroom, pulling all-nighters for papers that are due in class the next morning, leaving my laundry in the dryer for a whole week for it to wrinkle because I don’t feel like folding clothes…

And let’s not even start on all the stories, poems, and unfinished novels I’ve procrastinated on.

But recently, my problem of procrastination has gotten significantly worse, to the point that I don’t want to do ANYTHING.

I’ve become that lazy millennial our grandparents talk so much shit about. You know, the kind who’d rather complain on social media about how there are no jobs instead of actually going out and “pounding the pavement,” the kind who’s always looking for a handout, who still lives at home with the folks, who’s defaulted on their student loans twice.

Ok, I’m not that bad, and I speak for all millennials when I say we truly are hard workers. Just look at our rigorous course loads in school. How many parents needed a tutor for themselves just to help on our homework?

But getting back to why I procrastinate so much, in true millennial fashion, I blame it on my job.

I’ve been working as a temp in this particular position for just over three years, and for the amount of work I do in a day, it would really serve me and the company better if it were a part-time job.

In fact, a few days ago I had a dream that I was fired, and would you believe I was the happiest woman in the world? “Finally!” I screamed. Now I have time to actually do something productive! I don’t feel like I’m wasting my day away! Imagine my total deflation when I woke up the next morning (a Monday, ironically) and realized it wasn’t real.

When I first started this job, it was only supposed to be for a year. Well, a year has turned to three, and though I’ve been moved to a more administrative role, the workload hasn’t changed much. Some days are busier than others, but most days move at a snail’s pace.

After I realized how little work was actually required for this job (I actually pad my job description to make it look like I do more than I actually do—some things only happen once a month or once a quarter. I long for those busier days), I got into the habit of extending projects. Anything that didn’t have a real due date or could be put on the back burner for use on those days when work was excruciatingly slow, got pushed back.

Unfortunately, when you do this consistently for three years, you start to develop a nasty habit that some would call laziness.

I’ll admit, my procrastination has led to something like a sloth-like laziness that has overcome me to the point that even now, I’d rather go to bed than finish this post.

The truth is, I need a new job. I’ve gotten spoiled with the lack of responsibilities, the regular, generous paychecks. But every day I walk into that office, I feel like a part of my soul dies. I dread coming in. It’s hard to wake up in the morning for a job that doesn’t motivate you at all, that doesn’t provide any avenues for career development or growth. And it’s nowhere close to being in your field of study, which makes you wonder what the hell you even went to school for.

But it’s a job. And a job pays the bills. Even if it is a burden.

Wrong attitude. And it’s an attitude I’ve had for too long. An attitude that, two weeks ago, I realized was unhealthy when I ran to the bathroom and broke down into tears…

I’m not happy. With my job. With my life. Anything.

And so I’m joining Marquessa’s #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge: One thing for 30 days. This challenge is all about developing 12 new life habits that will enhance your life by tackling 1 habit per month for 30 days in a row.

My first new habit is actually to break one: procrastination.

I want to feel energized again. Energized to do more than what I have been doing, which is the bare minimum, whether it’s at home, at work, at social events, etc.

I know I need a new job, but first I have to convince myself that I’ll be willing to do it if I ever found a new job, and right now, I can’t do anything. So my first task to beating procrastination and laziness to make lists.

Yes, yes, I know I said in August that I wanted to get rid of to-do lists, but one cannot possibly understand the exhilarating feeling that overwhelms after checking something off the to-do list until one has actually experienced it.

Even if it’s just a simple task, like: Remember to make the bed, or pack lunch for work tomorrow, or go to store and buy Halloween candy for the office . . . and deodorant . . .because you’re out.

Yes, even for the basic stuff, it feels good to say, “I did that. I actually accomplished something.”

As we delve deeper into November, I’ll start to tackle some of the harder tasks I tend to procrastinate on, like doing my job, finding a new job, being more consistent in blogging, and probably the most important of them all, taking care of myself.

But first, one thing at a time, one bullet point at a time:

  • Write it down.
  • Make a conscious effort to complete it before the day’s end.
  • Check it off your list.
  • Repeat.



Are you interested in joining Marquessa’s #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge? Is there a new life habit you’d like to develop over the next 30 days? Don’t procrastinate and wait until New Year’s Resolution time to do it. Start now. What better way to enter 2018 than with a new habit to enhance your life! Click here for more details on the challenge.


8 thoughts on “PA: Procrastinators Anonymous #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge

  1. I can totally relate to so much of your situation. Mine is different in many ways, but the underlying thoughts and feelings are very similar.

    I wish you much success with the challenge. I want to do it, too, but I can’t come up with a ‘thing’ that I reasonably think I can do. That’s laziness and procrastination!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One has to wonder which one comes first—laziness or procrastination? LOL.

      You can do it. I’ll be routing for you! I think for me, when I finally reached my breaking point, that’s when I realized something’s gotta change. I don’t want to lie around moping all the time because I’m not happy. I want to actually be happy. And I gotta take the first step to get my shit together, so that I can have that fulfillment again.

      It sucks that I had to hit rock bottom first, but sometimes that’s what you need to motivate yourself to try to be better. That’s where I’m at now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yea, I get that. It truly is a long road. My motivation increases and wanes depending on my mood or what’s happened to me that week. But over the last few days, I’ve really tried to find a purpose for me through prayer. Get up early in the morning when it’s quiet, wash my face, pray, sit, think—I might add coffee back into that routine. But it’s a process for sure. Gotta work at it every day until a break through comes, and then, even more.

        Liked by 1 person

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