#WeekendRewind: BHE: Get Out (2017)

I’m totally loving Solee and Mikey’s Best Halloween Ever marathon! Basically, every day in October, they watch a scary movie, have a 45 minute Google Docs discussion on the movie, and then publish it online.

Honestly, I gotta say, I feel like I’m a part of these discussions because I’m nodding my head, laughing, agreeing, disagreeing, adding my opinions, if only in my head.

This past weekend they reviewed Jordan Peele’s Get Out, and I was anxious to read what they had to say about the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed Get Out. And as an African American, this movie was truly horror for me! My mind is still a little unsettled by it. And I work in corporate America, so there’s always that underlying fear of descending into the “sunken place.”

Could Get Out actually happen? Who says it hasn’t already? You see all over social media people pointing out the appropriation of black culture in mainstream society, from everybody trying to be a rapper, to everyone trying to . . . well, look like us— lip injections, butt injections, excessive tanning, afro extensions, setting “new” beauty and fashion trends that black women have been doing for YEARS.

And now that we live in Trump World, at least for the next three years, Get Out is starting to feel less and less like fiction…

But you be the judge. Go watch the movie and tell me I’m overreacting (I’m a writer, I do those kinds of things). By the way, you should probably see it BEFORE you read Solee and Mikey’s review, that is, unless you actually prefer the SPOILERS!


3 thoughts on “#WeekendRewind: BHE: Get Out (2017)

  1. I love this because, honestly, we didn’t think anyone else was reading them! I wish I could hear all the thoughts you had while reading. It’s always fun to see someone else’s perspective.
    Thanks for the reblog!

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    1. I’ve definitely been reading them! I love the way you guys dissect each movie! I got a little busy in these last weeks, but I definitely have to spend a weekend and go back and catch up on the final week of movies.

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