A Weekend of Reblogs . . . And Title Changes

Hello, friends! I’m sure you’re wondering, who is this stranger? Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on a Saturday, but I’m thinking about testing a new segment on this blog called Reblog Weekends.

What do you think? Catchy enough? Hey, no one said both words had to start with a W . . . or an R.

Hmm, maybe I should call it Weekend Rewind. That sounds better right? At least both words have a W in them.

Ok, so the title is a work in progress (as are most of my titles), but you get the point, right?

Anyway, let’s get on to the motivation behind this new segment…

When I’m not writing, or working, or living under a rock, or procrastinating (more to come on that later), I like to scroll through my WordPress reader and read about the lives and loves of the many blogs I follow, whether they are personal blogs, fiction or poetry writing, cooking, travel, book and movie reviews, or a little bit of everything.

While I don’t always comment on everything (too hard, I tend to overthink comments, I want mine to mean something–such the perfectionist, the main reason why I struggle to respond to comments on my own blog), I do at least try to like all the posts I read, just so the blogger knows that s/he has a keeper who is thoroughly enjoying his/her content.

I’m like Zeke Elliott . . . FEED ME!

Ok, I’m a Cowboy’s fan. You know I had to sneak that in there.

But every once in a while I come across a post that I love so much I can’t just like it on my own and skip out on leaving a comment. I have to tell people about it!

Hence, Reblog Weekends!

. . . or Weekend Rewind . . .

I’m starting to like the Rewind better . . .

Every Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite blog posts that I’ve read during the week, giving you all the opportunity to be smitten by the writer’s words just as I was.

This is also a great opportunity for blog exposure that could result in a few extra followers. So to those writers whose posts I do share . . . you’re welcome.

Maybe I’ll add my two cents with every reblog. I know how some bloggers are about people just sharing their content and having nothing to say (I’m the same way when my posts get randomly reblogged or linked). So trust me when I tell you this isn’t spam, just a fan wanting to brag and boast about why she’s an ultimate fan, and maybe lend a few more fans in the process. . .

Although, I’d be lying if I said part of my reasoning wasn’t selfish, because it get’s a little lonely here on the weekends.

I think I’ll test try my Reblog Rewind ( . . .  nah, I think Weekend Rewind is going to win out) at least to the end of the year. If anything else, I’ll have some great content to share with you, even through the weekends, while I’m planning ahead on my next week of blog posts (because procrastination must end!)

So are you ready to see my go-to reading material for this past week? Stay tuned, my first reblog goes up later today!

. . . By the way, let’s not talk about how I’m making something as simple as reblogging someone else’s hard work such a big deal here. I’m just that special. 😉

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Reblogs . . . And Title Changes

  1. Weekend Rewind, for sure! I’m a sucker for alliteration in all it’s iterations! 😉
    Can also relate to the idea of making something relatively simple into a major undertaking!
    I’m looking forward …
    I literally just, in the midst of typing this, for notification that you re-blogged a post of mine! 😳😱😰😜
    Anyway. I was going to say I’m looking forward to seeing your first re-blog, but now that sounds a little self-serving!
    I *am* looking forward to getting your recommendations for blogs to check out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! No problem! The one thing I love about Halloween and October is all the horror movies! That’s definitely our Halloween tradition at my house too. 🙂 I knew as soon as I started reading your BHE series that I had to reblog one of them. I thought it was just so cool! The hard part was actually deciding on which one I wanted to reblog. Then when I saw your Get Out review, I was like, “Yes! Yes! I loved that movie.” I know I have to watch it again. There were so many subtle aspects of that movie that I know I missed the first time around. The Ruins was a close second. I watched that on a random rainy Saturday afternoon on SyFy. Totally gave me the creeps. haha!

      But I used to reblog posts a lot when I first started blogging, not so much now, but I’m bringing it. There are so many great blogs out there that I really want to share. So stay tuned!

      Liked by 1 person

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