Lovely Curses’ Next Serial Story: You Decide

Earlier this month in my Agenda post, I told you that I was eager to get started on my next serial story, but I that needed your help in deciding. Which one of my favorite Short Story a Day May stories should I expand into a series?

Well, the votes came in, and there weren’t many, so I’m reopening the poll, because I really want to engage my readers, especially those of you who stuck around while I was dealing with my chronic writer’s block. You’ve truly been loyal and I want to reward you!

So yes, YOU have to decide! While I do have my preferences, I won’t be making the decision this time. I’m leaving it up to you. The future of my blog is in your hands. No pressure…

To refresh your memory, here are your options.

  • Widow — A story about a woman who sets her house on fire, killing her husband and infant child. If chosen, this series will begin before the events of “Widow” take place to explain what led her to such horrendous act of violence.
  • For the Sake of Humanity — In this dystopian, post-apocalyptic tale, a young woman takes her adopted ward on a quest to find the last remaining humans on earth. If their search is successful, she’ll avoid having to go through with the promise she made to the young boy’s dying mother to not let the human race die with them.
  • Dreams are Real — Does true love every really die? Lovers grow apart, they embark on separate paths that lead to different careers, pursuits, marriages, kids, etc. But one day, someday, they eventually find their way back to each other, right? If it was meant to be. This story is all about the possibilities of a nostalgic lover’s dreams of reunion coming true.
  • One Night Stand — This story is a continuation of the “White Jesus” storyline. I haven’t quite developed a plot for this series, but it would have a very urban, Living Single vibe to it. This series would follow the shenanigans of three friends: Lyndra, the main protagonist, her ex-boyfriend, Levon, and his buddy, the philosophical pothead, Philip, aka White Jesus.
  • Dry Spell — In this fun, witty tale, a 34-year-old, sexually inexperienced divorcee, tries to get laid with the help of her promiscuous, sexually liberated friend.

You have your five choices, now it’s time for you to vote! Let me know your favorite story in the comments. Eventually, I’ll probably serialize all these stories, but your selection will take top priority. You have until next Thursday to cast your vote. I’m really counting on you, so don’t let me down!


9 thoughts on “Lovely Curses’ Next Serial Story: You Decide

  1. I wasn’t here for the last vote so I’m glad you’re running a new one. 🙂 While I love Dry Spell and want to see more of that world, my #1 choice is For the Sake of Humanity. It’s so intriguing, I just want to know what happens next!

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  2. Choice 1 – For the Sake of Humanity. I think you had started it or mentioned it, and I thought it sounded interesting. Choice 2 – Dry Spell. A “fun, witty tale” about trying to get laid sounds, well, fun.

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      1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

        Does serializing a story work well for you? I’m almost done with my second large scale (novel length) serialized story and someone asked me about it. I have 4 more chapters to post. For me it was great writing, even if only a small handful kept up, but was wondering how it worked for you.

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      2. If you haven’t noticed, I am horrible at replying to comments, so my apologies for being so late. I like writing serialized stories because not many people will stick around for a long, 3,000 word post (even if the story is good) but they might if it was broken up into 3 to 5 posts. I think some of my serials had a pretty good following, but for others, the longer they got, the more the readership dwindled. And I’ve noticed that if they come in the middle, not many bother to read the previous chapters. Personally, I write them for me, so I’ll always have something to write, and it’s exciting to see how the story develops with each new post (because I rarely plan–it usually just starts from an idea or line). Plus overtime, it’s great material for when I eventually decide to self publish. 🙂

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      3. One of my problems is that I write the installments like a chapter in a book an still occasionally post a 3,000 word chapter. Ooops. Oh well, the few people who are actually reading the entire story don’t mind (I hope 😉 ).

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