BlaPoWriMo: Bad All by Herself

Ain’t nothin’ on yo head ugly.
Don’t you know nappy the new Black?

And you Black
Which makes you better.

Smooth like cocoa butter on yo elbows and knees
Quenching like shea butter saturatin’ them kinks.

You glowin’
And I ain’t done a thing.


Written for Black Poetry Writing Month, 2017— a fortnight of “black” love poetry. Join the challenge and share your love poems today!

3 thoughts on “BlaPoWriMo: Bad All by Herself

  1. From the archives.

    Saturday Haiku – The Clairol Lady commercial

    The Clairol commercial
    used to ask: Is it true blondes
    (white girls) have more fun?

    My baby’s black hair
    turns copper brown in the golden sun –
    don’t need no bottled dye.


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