#BlaPoWriMo – The Roots of Our Love

Another beautiful poem written for BlaPoWriMo! I love the image of the tangled roots beneath the soil. I like to imagine them being tree roots, extending deeper and further out. A strong, solid foundation for love.

Show Ray your love, guys!


#BlaPoWriMo – The roots of our love

“We’ll meet again and then we must decide upon the hour
When we’ll allow our destinies to intertwine and flower.”
                                                              From Sonnet #8

with a nod to Deleuze and Guattari –

Over the passing years our love has grown: 
a mass of tangled roots beneath the soil.

Only an expert gardener would appreciate
this rhizome, how interconnected at every point –

each node drawing nourishment from the soil
surrounding it – every connecting root as essential

as the adjoining nodes. No prior unity defines us –
there is no original order to regulate or codify –

we name this love. Errant roots sometimes rupture,
break or fail, and remake their connections

in multitudinous…

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