Ashes to Ashes

I’m as shallow as these waters. Jewel squeezes my hand. He loves me. I’m supposed to love him. Daddy did — his dying wish that we don’t wait to marry.

The wind suddenly changes directions when Reverend Jacob holds the urn over the ocean.

My dad settles in my hair, and I shake and pull and rake, and fall hard on the rocks, and all Jewel can do is pull me into him, promise he’ll take me away from here. He needs to be my savior — that’s why I can’t marry him. I want to hurt. I want to cry alone.

word count: 100


© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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29 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes

  1. A nice contrast of love and grief. And while it was certainly intended to be somber, the part of having her fathers ashes in her hair reminds me a bit of the ending of the movie “The Big Lebowski”. Really nice work, Nortina.

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  2. Great piece. I loved it. Such an accurate portrayal of grief and wanting to hurt. Her father’s expectations and dying wishes cling to her like his ashes and feel just as unpleasant.

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  3. This story moved me so much! These lines, especially, evoked a strange emotion: “My dad settles in my hair, and I shake and pull and rake, and fall hard on the rocks, and all Jewel can do is pull me into him, promise he’ll take me away from here.”
    And that ending, “I want to cry alone,” is heart-breaking and sounds real.

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    1. Thanks! It’s a very unsettling situation — first losing her father, and then losing her freedom, in a way, with this marriage she’s not sure she wants. With the ashes in her hair, you see her just completely break down. A sad moment.

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    1. And with his connection with her father, maybe Jewel isn’t the best person to do that, but hopefully she’ll find that peace, if not in someone else, at least within herself some way.
      Thanks for reading!


  4. Dad may have seen what he wanted to see between them and not what was actually there. I’m far surer more than wanting her to marry thus guy, he’d want her to be with the person she likes to be with and loves.

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    1. Dad may also be thinking about who would take care of her now that he’s gone — not that she needs any taking care of — sometimes Dad worries too much. Nothing wrong with that though. 🙂

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  5. Sometimes we just can’t go for people who would be good for us. And dad should’ve seen she wasn’t drawn to Jewel. Let’s hope she can get through the hurt and live again. Nice story, Nortina 🙂

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    1. Very disturbing. And with all the emotions she must be feeling — on top of having her father’s ashes in her hair — one can only expect her to completely break down.


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