Child Bride

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” It’s a cruel joke. He knows I haven’t seen my mother in over a decade. I’ve forgotten her face, how her lips kissed away nightmares.

“I’ve been at the school.” He sits the open duffle bag on the counter, and I know there’s a girl in the trunk.

I fear I’ve grown too old. I don’t see my face on the news anymore. Amazing technology — how they added twelve years to my nine-year-old picture, and it looks exactly like me.

Maybe he won’t kill me. Maybe I’ll see my mother again. Maybe the new girl will find home again too — one day, when she’s no longer a child.

2 thoughts on “Child Bride

  1. Very sad, there shouldn’t be child brides. But this monster is kidnapping girls and abusing them, raping them. He is the worst kind of man. Well written to bring out such emotion and disgust from a reader.


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