Love’s an action verb. Nana knew I loved her, right? Even though I often snubbed her for Jacob, a man she never met.

I left him a message hours ago. He finally texts: But all your family will be there, and I don’t have gas.

If there was a ever time he’d do something for me . . . for once . . .if he loved me . . . Is this the action Nana meant?

Nicki calls again. “Reverend’s about to pray over her body.”

The driving rain makes it difficult to see the road to Jacob’s. Somehow, I feel it’s Nana’s doing. She wants me home.

word count: 100


moral_mondays_logoJoin Moral Mondays, a new weekly challenge to write a 100-word fable or story based on the moral/lesson provided in the prompt. Today’s moral: Love conquers all


6 thoughts on “Act

  1. Yes, her nana was right, love in an action verb (I love that, btw) – and he’s showing all the wrong action. I think she knows what she’s got to do already…


  2. A guy not willing to be by your side to support you at family member funerals or when you are feeling low, isn’t worth it. She chose rightly, her Grandma did want her there.


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