3LineTales: Potty Training II

We’re free to marry
whom we choose — as long as we
use the “right” bathroom.


* Context: North Carolina just passed a law that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice . . . 

So basically, Caitlyn Jenner has to pee with the men . . .



tlt_3-24Written for 3LineTales, hosted by Sonya (Only 100 Words). A picture is worth three lines. What tale can you draw?



19 thoughts on “3LineTales: Potty Training II

    1. I took the time to read the whole bill today, and the rapist argument is a poor excuse to cover up the disturbingly homophobic and trans-phobic language of this bill.

      No one’s gonna be checking birth certificates at the bathroom doors, so if I were trans, I would just ignore the law like it never existed.

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      1. Funny how rape is always a concern when there’s almost no chance of anyone actually being raped, isn’t it? And I bet there weren’t any transgender people involved in the drafting of the bill.

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  1. This might be a simplistic answer but I don’t know why they don’t enclose the urinals anyway. Who came up with that idea (urinals) in the first place? Never mind, I already know. Just make bathrooms unisex and be done with it.

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    1. Seriously, I hate the word urinal. It sounds so nasty. Actually, I’ve seen one of those things. (unlucky draw of the straw working in fast food) Disgusting! I think the law itself is pointless. Men don’t make a habit of dressing up as women and using the women’s bathroom anyway, so why write a law? To make sure something that already doesn’t happen continues not to happen? Stupid. That’s what makes this law sound so blatantly anti-gay.
      Personally, I don’t like going to the bathroom when someone else is in there anyway. I prefer my solitude lol.


    1. I agree. Do we really need a law like this? It’s not like men walked up in the women’s bathroom to start with, and vis versa. And who’s gonna know who’s transgender and who’s not? It’s unnecessary.

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  2. Unfortunately, this country is full of laws that are based in fear and misconception; the stated fear is that people may abuse the situation, which may be a valid concern, in which case it should be addressed in an appropriate manner rather than the way the law is written.

    This should be a time of reflection to come up with a solution that allows all to feel safe and none to be stigmatized. Empathy and inclusion are important principles to be used when governing.

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    1. My mind goes to an episode of Snapped I watched once. A transgender woman was convicted of murder & looking at her pictures, you wouldn’t even know she was born a man. She was gorgeous, I think she was even a model. But because she was born a man, they put her in a men’s prison. So of course she doesn’t feel safe at all. Very sad. If we’re gonna pass laws like this, I agree, we have to make sure EVERYONE feels safe.

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  3. It might seem strange, but I think most people have a harder time wrapping their heads around transgender than gay/lesbian. I am not saying that’s an excuse to write hateful laws! I think as more people know more transgendered people the acceptance of them will grow and stupid laws like this will go away.

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    1. I agree. I think most people don’t really know what transgender means. Does it mean that a man merely dresses as a woman or has he actually had the sex change? Think once people really understand it… maybe there won’t be so much discomfort?

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  4. Well… if Kaitlyn Jenner has the same equipment as men then she is still considered a man whether it is right or not. I think many public areas are making a third bathroom for “etc.” called “family toilets.”

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    1. That’s what I thought at first, but I was thinking gay MEN not transgender. If you’re transgender & you’ve gotten the operation & what not & you basically are a woman now, you should be able to use the women’s bathroom. I don’t think there should be a separate bathroom for them. We already treat them like anomalies anyway, like they’re not real people.


      1. Oh, I agree. If they have gotten the operation, they are women and vice versa. I’m speaking about the ones that have not gotten the operation. I’m not saying it is right or wrong whether they are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. I know that if a transgender commits a crime and is put in prison, if the person was born a male and hasn’t had the operation, they will go to a men’s prison. That’s really sad.

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      2. I think the lack of knowledge of what “transgender” actually means, may have a lot to do with it. Which is understandable. I think the excuse for the law is to prevent assault on women in bathrooms, but that’s so rare. I mean, that’s just common sense. We don’t need a law to tell us that a man in the women’s bathroom is unusual. Besides, a man’s not gonna pretend to be trans just to rape a woman in the bathroom. We’re talking about horny criminals here. They’re too dumb to think of a scheme that elaborate lol. And using the bathroom is such a natural instinct, does it really matter what bathroom we use as long as stalls remain private? Me personally, I don’t want anyone in the bathroom with me when I’m using it. I get a little self-conscious & I hate bathroom talk with strangers. So awkward! haha!


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