I hate Muslims. Muslims killed my wife, my son.

How do you sleep at night knowing the next morning you’ll walk into an OB/GYN wearing a vest strapped with C-4? How do you press that detonator after the woman next to you, eight months pregnant, allows you to touch her belly, feel her child’s strong kick, and tells you about her dream that he will become president of the United States, bringing peace and equality to our great nation?

Jessica was an optimist. I am not. Allah is the devil, the decrepit goblin, Rumpelstiltskin demanding the soul of the first born in exchange for 72 virgins in Hell.

Lying on a concrete rooftop, I aim my rifle at the front door of the building across the street. “They ain’t gettin’ out alive, staff sergeant,” I say into my radio.

The door opens. The first out is an infidel with his tail-wagging dog, and I’m reminded that I’ll never hear Junior beg me to give him a puppy for his birthday, or Christmas.

I pull the trigger.

word count: 175


ffaw3-15Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge where you write a story in 75-175 using the provided photo prompt as inspiration. Click the froggy icon to read other stories inspired by the photo and add your own.


14 thoughts on “Radicalized

    1. Exactly. We’re not waring gangs seeking retaliation whenever someone is killed. We’ve got to find more humane ways of settling our conflicts, and we’ve got to stop singling out an entire group if people just because a tiny .01% is bad.

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  1. I realize this type of stuff is the realities of war but this is very dangerous wording and I am urging you to change it. And, I’m asking you to be cognizant of the feelings of our Muslim friends on WordPress.

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    1. I understand your concern, & I thought about adding a disclaimer, but I’ve actually written other stories that people may have found just as offensive and I didn’t add a disclaimer to those. My whole aesthetic is writing truths that make others (including myself) uncomfortable, so I feel like I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I took it down. I hope people will understand that this is just fiction, it’s just the voice of the character, it’s not my personal feelings. But if you think it’s inappropriate for FFfAW, I promise I won’t be mad if you take down from the linky tool.


      1. I really do feel like it is inappropriate. To be honest with you, it downright scares me. I think I will take it down, please don’t take offense to it. I am not comfortable with your story on the FFfAW challenge board.


      2. Thank you so much, Nortina. I would feel the same way if it was someone writing something negative toward another race, even if it was to make a point or was just a fictional story.


  2. Nortina, this is an excellent story, but I am concerned with some of the wording. Do you think this could possibly be very offensive to the Muslims? I’m going to leave it as your call.


    1. I thought about adding a disclaimer, just in case anybody took this story the wrong way, but decided against it. As you said, it’s an honest story about the realities of war, even if it is pretty ugly.

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