Buried Treasure

Do you remember that old saying, ‘X marks the spot?’ “  Theo pointed to the trail of clouds in the sky. “Let’s go get that treasure!” he said.

“Teddy, how exactly do we get buried treasure from the sky?” Jenny asked sarcastically.

Theo wrestled his keys from his pocket and cranked the engine. “We’re going to find what’s directly below that X.” He turned the pickup a sharp left into the field behind her parents’ house. Their bodies bounced and swayed as the tires unevenly hit dirt mounds amongst the patchy grass.

They were half a mile from the house when he leaned over the dashboard to look at the sky. “This is it!” He put the gear in park and disappeared in front of the hood.

“Teddy?” Jenny stepped out, coughing from the dust kicked up by the speeding truck. She gasped when she saw Theo on his knees holding the velvet ring box, the sparkle of a diamond inside.

Let me know I'm not talking to myself.

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