I want to go home



The alarm goes, I stretch

I look for the snooze button

The alarm goes again, I remember where I am

I expect a kick or flick

I get a kick

I see the sun on the horizon

I am still alive, I don’t want to be

The Muezzin calls the prayer

The cock crows

The dogs bark

Another day in the forest of despair

I am still here

I have not been claimed

The angels have not taken me away

Pray five times a day I am told, I pray five times a day

I pray with a gun to my head

A kick in my back, a tug on my behind

I don’t know the words, but I pray

Tomorrow you become wife I’m told

Tomorrow you learn to cook and burn your books

Today, I am a child

Waiting to go home


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3 thoughts on “I want to go home

    1. This poem was written by Aby for BlaPoWriMo. It’s about the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram and forced to convert to Islam and marry their captors. It’s such a sad story.


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