Black History – Black Actresses

Lyf Mindset Strategies

Cleopatra Jones (1973)2
(This tribute is to throw back Black Movies – Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson)
 and Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) were the brown girls who were the Charlie’s Angels
of my day…these women were baaaad to the bones, but in a good way. They
demonstrated women of strength and courage, they stood tall and strong)

Agents Foxy and I are on a mission.

Oh yes, this mission will seem impossible.

However, due to certain activities, we’re going inside

We’ve been given this special assignment and want to know what really

goes on behind those closed doors- at a certain undisclosed

location we’ll not naming.

It’s important our identity remains anonymous.

Who or how many are recruited to assist in handling this

discreet task of going undercover-to provide the information

we’re in search of without their actions exposed is not known.

But, rest assured, no doubt, this is a clandestine operation-

there is no fear tolerated in handling these secret affairs.

The person(s) undertaking such a task should be above reproach,

have good character, and possess intelligence.

Once inside the undisclosed location, you will understand why it…

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