#BlaPoWriMo: To my Darkside

Scribbles and Smiles


As the swarthy complexion dispels darkness inside you,

As the  unenlightened state shines upon you, you rise with immense power.

Devoid of light, the dark days suffuse with your hue,

Dominant and powerful, you huddle and cower.

Spring awaits you in all its glory,

Horses bound across the meadow,

Emerging buds narrate your story.

Yet, you languish in my downhearted shadow.

Stubbornly unyielding and harshly uninviting,

The young genius in you appears faint and feeble.

You are no fighter and yet I can see you fighting,

With fatigue strapped to your heart, you stand against all evil.

So follow me now, like the ducklings follow their mother.

You were born to cope and animate life.

Follow my credo; have faith and be a believer.

In spite of this bitter conflict, I will see you through this violent strife.


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