Who Is Stacey Dash?

“Who Is Stacey Dash?” is trending, and I can’t be more elated. If you’re curious about its significance, here is a clip of the beautiful and clever Gabrielle Union responding to an interview question about the “crazy lady.”

You may know FOX News host Stacey Dash from the movie and television series, Clueless. Maybe you’ve seen her on an episode of BET’s The Game. She was also a video vixen in many R&B and Hip Hop music videos. Don’t believe me? Just turn to BET; they’ve been putting her on blast all week.


So I assume your next question is, “Why is Stacey Dash getting so much flak?”

Well, it all started when the Academy announced its lily-white nominees for best actor/actress for the second year in a row, and the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite started trending again in response.

Ms. Dash aka “the crazy lady” took it upon herself to piss off every black person in America and say that if we really wanted to end segregation, we’d get rid of BET, the NAACP, Black Girls Rock, Black History Month, etc.

Oh, Stacey Dash. Poor, poor Stacey Dash. Forty-nine years old, and you’re still clueless.

Let me school you for a minute. Organizations like the NAACP, television stations like BET, celebrations like Black Girls Rock or Black History Month, were not created to perpetuate segregation. They were meant to uplift people of color. If we can’t get any representation in the mainstream white society, then we’ll just do it ourselves, because while privilege allows them to shine and pushes us to the back of the bus, creating honors just for us, brings our accomplishments to the forefront. Our creations tell us we is kind, we is smart, we is important. They assure us that we matter in this world.

And I’m sure Robin Thicke has been nominated for a BET Award once or twice.

What? Now you’re gonna tell me he’s not white?

Will eliminating the honors we created lead to inclusion? I doubt it, and here’s why. #OscarsSoWhite isn’t just about black actors not being nominated for an Oscar. So, to those academy members screaming, “I’m not racist! I have black friends. I voted for black actors,” you are completely missing the point (as usual).

Not only were black actors snubbed, but no minority was nominated for an Oscar. Again. And even more alarming is that in the 80-some years the Academy Awards have been around, we can only name a handful of minority actors who have actually won. While this may have a lot to do with the biasness of a nearly all-white Academy, it has more to do with the fact that there are virtually no roles in Hollywood created for minority actors.

You may remember Viola Davis brought this up in her acceptance speech at the Emmy’s last year.

Sure, there are the Will Smith’s, Denzel Washington’s, and Morgan Freeman’s of the acting world, who are almost guaranteed at least one big-named Hollywood film a year. But what about the lesser known actors?

It’s even worse for black Hollywood actresses! Most of them have found success only in television. Think of shows like Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Sleepy Hollow, Minority Report (I don’t watch much TV, so I’m sure there are more that I haven’t named), all of which have black female leads. Then, of course, there are the popular television programs with all-minority casts: Jane the Virgin, black-ish, Fresh off the Boat, The Haves and Have-Nots, Being Mary Jane, Empire. The explosive popularity of Empire alone should tell producers that we want to see more shows like it on television, and subsequently, more movies like it in Hollywood.

Yet Hollywood still has this problem of white-washing, even in an immensely diverse world. Take for example the movie, Gods of Egypt, which, like Exodus: Gods and Kings, stars an all-white cast, as if Hollywood conveniently forgot that Egypt was a part of Africa, and that if the ancient Egyptians weren’t dark skin, they were at least brown and most definitely NOT white.

But good luck telling Hollywood producers that. They seem to be dead-set in their ways, which apparently haven’t changed since the first films appeared in the early 20th century.


12 thoughts on “Who Is Stacey Dash?

  1. I am still perplexed, and no one has answered what was the little stunt about Stacey being at the Oscars on stage saying she was the new coordinator for Black History. I know it was supposedly a joke, I suppose, but I’m still clueless, I missed it. I’m not even trying to figure out Stacey, Stacey was being Stacey. I can’t understand the academy allowing that particular stunt. They already are trying to deflect the attention about racial diversity lately, so how, why, what were they thinking. Nortina, I know you have some insight, help me, I’m clueless.

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    1. I don’t know what to think about that. I guess they were playing off of her saying there shouldn’t be a Black History Month or any separate “black” thing, which would make appointing her the minority outreach coordinator (or whatever is was) really ironic. And maybe that was the point? Hollywood and other places would just throw a black face in there and claim they fixed the problem of racial diversity when things as a whole still don’t change..? Maybe that’s a stretch. Whatever the purpose of the joke, it was poorly executed and uncomfortable to watch. It didn’t help that the crowd was dead silent, probably because they didn’t even know who Stacey Dash is. Lol

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  2. I saw this woman on some Fox News clip on Twitter, and I just shook my head. I cannot, for the life of me, understand her pov. My eyeballs almost fell out of my head. It’s bad enough to hear white people sayin crap like that, but I was like, “IS SHE NOT A WOMAN OF COLOR? ON THE TV?” I didn’t really know who she was, why she’s famous, why they asked her.
    I have no idea who should be nominated for an Oscar. I haven’t seen any movies in the theatre in a long time. Someone said Ice Cube, but I don’t think one should win an Oscar for being one’s self. lol — But that music is a huge chunk of my youth! The influence! And that film was awesome in conveying that!
    Anyway, I’ve no doubt the academy’s opinions are askew and they’re likely a lot of them unknowingly racist (in denial), but I totally agree that the real problem is lack of representation in the movies themselves. Case in point: We rented three very white movies to watch this weekend.
    However, we watch Fresh Off the Boat. We LOVE, like DO NOT MISS, How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal. Shonda Rhimes is wicked talented. But thank God she’s her own producer, or we’d never see her fabulous shows!
    Why are the movies so different? Well, who’s putting up the money? Old rich white guys, yeah? Living in polite denial is not going to change anything.

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    1. It boggles my mind the willful ignorance of my fellow Americans. Then in response to #OscarsSoWhite, people were trying to say that white people don’t get nominated for BET Awards. I nearly flipped out. Yes they do. All the time. I think even the Donald was nominated once, but he obviously has selective memory loss. I think it was actually Ice Cube’s son who played him in Straight Outta Compton. The kid looks just like him though. It’s like you’re seeing double! Shonda Rhimes is life! Tyler Perry could be too, but his movies & shows are too damn melodramatic. I think for Hollywood to change we’ve got to get more minority (and white) writers, producers, directors, etc. with minds for progression, inclusion, and diversity to come in and take over. And those old rich white guys need to kick the bucket already. (kidding….but seriously, how can we get rid of them?) I saw this meme on Facebook of a white guy in thick frame glasses with the caption: “Hollywood be like… the Malcolm X Story.” It was funny but sad at the same time. Oh, Hollywood, when will you learn the world isn’t white? (for some reason, this reminded me of a quote from the show black-ish. One of the characters said, “In ten years, we’ll all look Puerto Rican anyway.” LOL! I don’t know why I found that so funny 😀 )

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  3. And, omg, what were they thinking casting the Fiennes guy as Michael Jackson? I thought I was reading an article from the Onion when I first heard this. But no. White people have taken clueless to a whole new level of absurdity. Thank you for writing this and sharing on yeah write.

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