Morning Dive

When we were kids, they told us never to go swimming during a thunderstorm. The lightning could strike the water, fry our little bodies and stop our hearts. But what were the odds, right?

Russell is drunk again. He walked into our one-bedroom apartment at eight this morning, trailing a 40 behind him, wet hair clinging to his forehead. “The water’s swarm,” he slurred.

I didn’t mention that I had to walk the kids seven blocks to school because he took the car, that my checkbook was missing, that Breen’s cleats for football would cost $160—$160 we don’t have; $160 Russell manages to find for beer and online poker.

“I’ll take a dive,” I told him.

The water is freezing. Silly me for believing a man whose blood boils in alcohol. The waves sweep around my feet as I squat and splash my face, the salt from the ocean burning my eyes. Better to be blind than to watch Russell mold our son into his likeness.

Rumbles of thunder approach from behind. Better to be struck by lightning.

word count: 175


photo-20160118105818411Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge where you write a story in 75-175 using the provided photo prompt as inspiration. Click the froggy icon to read other stories inspired by the photo and add your own.

17 thoughts on “Morning Dive

  1. Difficult marriage she has here. Divorce would probably be better than dying, but sometimes the idea of starting over is frightening and getting it over with seems easier. Well done!

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    1. That’s true. The thought of being a single parent is quite scary, and many men run in the opposite direction from single moms. 😦 Hopefully she’ll find a way though. Thanks for reading!
      Much apologies for the delayed response. The massive blizzard knocked me out for a while. Life without wifi…now that’s a true apocalypse!

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  2. I think it would be better for her to take her son and start again somewhere new, as far away from Russell as possible. That’s got to be a better option than dying and leaving the boy with only his father as a role model! Good job showing the effect of the relationship on her mental state. Great story.

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    1. Yes, I hope she realizes that it will only hurt her son if she leaves. Thanks for reading!
      Much apologies for the delayed response, I’ve been buried under snow with no Wifi for the last few days. 😦


  3. How sad for the woman’s family, to have a father who is an alcoholic and a gambler. How sad he spends his money on that first, rather than taking care of his kids and making sure they have enough money to do things that educate them and teach them teamwork etc, I hope for the Mother’s sake the children take after her. Your last line says it so well “better to be struck by lightening” then have the kids up like their father. Great writing.

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  4. Wonderful story Nortina! It makes my heart hurt for all the wives and mothers in her same situation. I can understand her feelings at the end but I hope she decides to live for her kids. Besides, there is hope for her husband – he’s still breathing.

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    1. Right! He’s still breathing, so there’s still hope that he can change. And if not, there’s also divorce and custody. She has options. Hopefully she won’t give up too soon.
      Thanks for reading!


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