Why I Changed the Title of This Site


Lovely Curses is a name I devised from a poem I wrote several years ago entitled, “A Blessed Curse.” This poem explores the workings of a toxic relationship in which a woman who is repeatedly heart broken by her lover (the curse) returns to his embrace because she can’t force herself to ignore his haphazard maneuvers of devotion and affection (the blessing).

Still, I come back.

Because you open your doors to me,
seductively offering
nourishment, warmth, solace,
if only for a moment,
because in that moment,
I am blessed.

Forgetting my curse
will soon follow.
—excerpt from “A Blessed Curse”

I believe this poem accents my brand as an author, because although I write on a variety of subjects, one topic I always come back to is the mistakes one makes in blinding love.

None of my old content will go away. I will continue to participate in various weekly blog challenges, but some of my more miscellaneous posts (Sunday Morning Word, natural hair, etc.) will now be found under the “Blog” tab on the main menu, and eventually, I will move them to an external site (most likely hubpages) so that they can receive the traffic they rightly deserve. This way, the website as a whole will focus primarily on my stories and poetry, and as a result, you will learn more about me as a writer and author.

I hope you’re as excited about Lovely Curses as I am! 2016 is going to be an amazing year!


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