The twins are destructive, tossing Ma’s china saucer back and forth as if it were a Frisbee. I snatch it out of the air before Tommy can make the catch.

“Interception!” Timmy shouts.

“This isn’t a football!” I return the saucer to the coffee table and sit the tea cup, with matching Chinese symbols designed on the rim, on top of it. “You drink your hot cider then you put the cup back on the saucer.”

“Like this?” Timmy sits up straight, arching his back. He takes the saucer in one hand and pinches the handle of the cup with two fingers. He sips twice, extending his pinky.

“What are we, British?” Tommy scoffs.

“Would you like a spot of tea, dear brother?” Timmy asks, feigning a British accent that sounds closer to Canadian.

“Jolly old chap, toss it hither!”

Timmy shoots the cup in the air, flicking his wrist as if making a jump shot. Cider spills onto the polished wood of the coffee table and onto the carpet. Tommy catches it with both hands. Just as he raises his arm over his head to spike the cup, I dive down to his feet, and it lands hard on my stomach.

“Ah, faulted again!” Timmy shouts.

“You two are unbelievable.” I roll over and take everything fragile back to the safety of the cupboard.


spfWritten in response to this week’s photo prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction. This piece is also dedicated to my wonderful little cousins who thought it was a great idea to throw around my mother’s fine china during our Christmas family social. They are also fluent in Mandarin, but during that whole night, we were only successful in getting them to say one word, which ironically meant “idiot.” As they were quite the handful, I hope this post will make up for Days 24-27 of 31 Days of Holiday Hooligans. 😀

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