I had sealed my fate when I said yes to a second date with the atheist. I’d convinced myself that I only wanted to save him, prove that God does exist. Yes, there’s misery in the world, but pay attention to all the miracles; a dying man cured of cancer overnight, a long lost child reunited with his mother, a convicted murderer giving his life to Christ. Even Scrooge wrestled with God. Dickens only changed it after his editor commented that it sounded too “preachy.”

Truth be told, I could care less if he believed in God, Heaven, or Hell. There was something about him that aroused me. His recklessness. Pointing trigger fingers toward idle officers, blaming the Jews for everything, jacking off in front of the Madonna.

He had no restrictions. He preferred to be on top so he could moon all in Heaven as we made love in the Catholic cemetery and the statue of my guardian angel wept for my transgressions.

word count: 164


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge where you write a story in 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) using the provided photo prompt as inspiration.

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