Fixing Disney Plot Holes

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island…

“That’s what you’re starting with?” Allie asked.

“It’s the only way it makes sense!” Jason said. “How is there a castle a couple miles up the road and the villagers know nothing about it? What is he a prince of? The water?”

“The bigger question is what kind of beautiful fairy curses an eleven-year-old boy?”

“And where were his parents?”

“And do they really expect us to believe Chip is Mrs. Potts’ kid? She’s like twenty years post-menopausal!”

“I bet he’s really Lumiere’s kid.”

“With that duster, French maid?” Allie nodded. “Mrs. Potts probably just took him in so the girl wouldn’t look like a slut.”

Jason typed frantically, his fingers like spider legs crawling across the keyboard. “Do you think a producer would buy this movie?”

“Are you kidding? Beauty and the Beast with a twist? They re-did Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. Why not this one?”

word count: 147


Mondays Finish the Story: a flash fiction challenge where we provide you with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. Your challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

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28 thoughts on “Fixing Disney Plot Holes

    1. No way! There’s a show now?! I had the displeasure of watching the movie. It was so bad. And I’m sick of Disney telling girls that they need a man to be happy. Stop! Has Frozen taught us nothing?

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