Mango Smoothies

She lived in a mango tree until she fell three stories trying to pluck one from the highest branch to put in her morning smoothie.

Her daughter, Magdalene, moved her into her basement where there was no window or sun to wake her for her routine jog at dawn.

For breakfast, she unwillingly drank Naked protein shakes with the chalky aftertaste.

“I wish you’d stop buying these. They’re not even organic,” she complained, curling her nose at the orange bottle in front of her. “And it’s soy. You know I hate soy.”

“Well there’s some pancakes and bacon left over on the stove,” Magdalene said nonchalantly as she tucked in the shirttail of her son’s school uniform.

“You don’t look like this at 90 eating pancakes and bacon.” She pointed to her toned arms and the tight skin around her neck as her grandson giggled.

“A silly old woman with a broken back?” Magdalene asked.

word count: 149


Mondays Finish the Story: a flash fiction challenge where we provide you with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. Your challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

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16 thoughts on “Mango Smoothies

  1. As usual, you have a grasp of very good dialogue and quirky story line. I certainly didn’t expect the age of the mango tree climber. Only one thing I’d change, because the title says Mango Smoothies I think it would be okay to switch one of the uses of the word ‘Mango’ in the first paragraph. Once in the title, once in the first paragraph and change the third reference to a more generic word like ‘fruit’. Otherwise, the reader sees the word Mango three times in the first 28 words. That’s a lot of mangoes.

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  2. How sad that she has to live in a dark basement, drink soy smoothies, has a broken back, has a daughter who isn’t very nice to her and she’s 90 years old. Great story Nortina! (Maybe she should throw her daughter from the treehouse). LOL!!

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