WODW: Moonlit Madness

It was 1:37 when she heard music.
Awakened in a glowing room,
moonlight seeping through blinds.
Down the hall, ascending,
descending notes echoed off
walls, a hauntingly beautiful
melody— like swimming
in the night. head under
water pouring into ears,
saturating her in silence.
More frightening than a
mysterious pianist in her home—
she owned no piano.


Write or Die Wednesday is a biweekly writing challenge hosted by Vashelle and Mia. This week’s prompt is:



4 thoughts on “WODW: Moonlit Madness

  1. Nortina, this is beautiful! I love the ending, that’s totally my kind of story. 😉 Thank you so much for joining us. I’m sorry I’m so late in seeing this. It’s been crazy this week. But it always makes me smile to see your beautifully written words each week! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mia. Moonlight Sonata is such a beautiful piece, but it’s also terrifying to listen to sometimes. One night, I found my brother playing it in the dark. Nearly gave me a heart attack! BTW I was late adding this to the InLinkz (only did it yesterday). We all have those days when we tell ourselves to do something so many times to the point that we actually think we did it, right? 🙂


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