Princess Wedding

Check-in was at three. It was well past five. The sweltering Savannah air engulfed Dorothy when she opened the door. It was stagnant, tasted of melted plastic on her tongue. “Are we close to the ocean? Where’s the breeze?” Maurice ignored her, rushing towards the entrance to meet the cool blast of air against his face inside the hotel lobby. Dorothy limped behind, her legs asleep from the five-hour drive. She marveled at the grand chandelier above the rotating doors. The bulbs illuminated brightly, eliminating all hints of glass, appearing as true flames. Still Suzanne, she thought, always a princess.

word count: 100


© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Written for Friday Fictioneers. Click the froggy icon to ready other stories.

46 thoughts on “Princess Wedding

  1. You’ve nailed the atmosphere, and given us the necessary backstory quite skillfully, but the Suzanne line threw me. Not sure who she is – you might want to introduce her earlier. I enjoyed it (South Carolina weather is miserable this week too.)

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. This was a continuation of a larger piece I started a few years back but never finished (I have a nasty habit of doing that). So in the story, Dorothy is going to her cousin Suzanne’s wedding, but she’s not all that thrilled about it.


  2. I feel her discomfort. And her irritation. Well described. I really like how the last little comment about Suzanne says so much about their relationship in so few words. Dorothy has been irritated by Suzanne before, I suspect.

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  3. I can understand the dislike of romance novels, they often include every cliche going.
    I enjoyed this little story though as it seemed very realistic and gritty.

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    1. Every cliché known to man! But it sells, so I guess somebody has to like it, huh? I’d rather not write about the fantasy side of romance… which makes the title “Princess Wedding” so ironic! LOL Thanks for reading. I hope I can get back into the groove of writing this novel with no hiccups, and definitely no clichés!

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