Literary Lion: I Once Was a Rapper…

I’ve joined another blog link-up…. Literary Lion, hosted by I Smith Words!

This week’s theme is “morning,” and while I’m a bit drained of creativity on this hot, humid Hump Day, seeing this prompt did take me back to a time when I used to be a rapper.

When I was a kid, my dad and I did all kinds of creative things together. He’s the reason I’m a writer today. We wrote stories, songs, hosted a kids talk show with my brothers and four of our favorite stuffed animals using my kiddie tape recorder, and for a short time, we tried to be rappers.

I can’t remember my stage name, but his was 95 cent (like 50 cent but add a quarter and two dimes). His signature verse was, “95 cent! Aye, keep the change! Drive by your house and blow out ya brains!” Lame, right? He sucked as a gangsta rapper. Wonderful guitarist, though.


Anyway, we only wrote one song in our brief time as rappers, and it was actually just a hook and first verse. It was called, “Kids Got a Hard Way.” When you read these lyrics, try to imitate that urban, fresh, early 90s style of rap (think of Will Smith aka the Fresh Prince). Do you think we would’ve been famous?

Kids got a hard way to go to school.
Kids have a hard time to learn the rules.
Kids got a hard way to go to school. (da, da, dun, da)

Verse 1:
I’m a kid,
And when I wake up in the morning,
I get my head fixed,
To get my learnin’ on aaaand
I brush my hair, brush my teeth,
And get something to eat
Before my daddy starts to fuss,
“Hey kids, head to the bus!”

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