Bermuda Triangle

Momma always told me the Bermuda Triangle wasn’t real. Just a silly ghost story that had gotten out of hand. Like UFOs and aliens. But how could she explain why Daddy never came back from his business trip to Miami?

“That ain’t supernatural. That’s supermodel and scumbag.” 

I once overheard Momma crying and asking God to make Daddy stop. That was her problem. Her prayer was too vague. God made him stop loving her instead.

But I couldn’t accept that Daddy had stopped loving me too, even if he did abandon us. So I told everyone his plane disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Convinced myself of it too.

Maybe that’s why, many years later while on vacation in San Juan, I decided to go on an excursion to see the coral reefs, and when the clear blue water suddenly reflected the gray sky and everything stood still, I leaned over the edge of the boat. Waited for that humanoid shadow to swim by just below the surface, and dove in to hug my daddy.

word count: 174


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge where you write a story in 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) using the provided photo prompt as inspiration.

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21 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle

    1. I think it’s so funny how that happens. I look at a picture, and I’m thinking to myself, I have no earthly idea what I’m gonna write about. Next thing I know, I can’t stop typing! 😀

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  1. You have a thing for characters jumping into things. I’m always wary, lol.

    This was a great piece that reminded me that I need to watch another episode of Lost on Netflix (I’m on season 2). I love the emotions and inner dialogue in your story. It also saddened me how she thought her mother’s prayers were vague; she didn’t understand, or her pain didn’t let her comprehend, that God knows your heart.

    Excellent job! Maybe she’ll end up with her dad (and don’t worry, I don’t mean by death).

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