Sunday Photo Fiction: Circle of Life

Each morning, I rise before the sun to admire nature in its purest form. Before the honking cars and cursing businessmen shouting into cell phones. Before squealing children standing at bus stops and their worrying mothers watching from behind stop signs.

I jog the quiet streets of my neighborhood. Past the dark windows of brick homes and the still backyards housing families of squirrels, wild rabbits, and various rodents. The light from the rising sun reflects off the dew on the grass. The air smells fresh, like the night’s debauchery washed away with a cool shower just before the dawn.

I bend over to tie my shoe when I notice a grasshopper leap from the curb and land on my wristwatch, its antenna twitches above my heart rate readings. Just as quickly, a robin swoops down from the phone lines overhead. It encloses it’s beak around the grasshopper’s body and flaps towards the trees, disappearing behind a veil of green leaves. I can hear the high-pitched chirps of delightful chicks as they sing the blessing before devouring breakfast.

The early bird catches the worm.


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge for writers to create a story of approximately 100-200 words using the provided photo prompts.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Circle of Life

  1. I think this is lovely. You really make the early morning attractive with this. I love the descriptions and details all laid out with a smooth flow. A very enjoyable read! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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