Ninth Ward Blizzard

When the power shut off, I knew we had to go to the Dome.

“Do you remember how filthy it was during Katrina? Black people, shitting and dying on top of each other, like we never left the slave ships.” Grandpa said.

“Pop, if those levees break, it’ll be Betsy and Katrina times Day After Tomorrow. That water will flood us out and freeze on top of us.”

“You watch too much TV.”

I wrapped a scarf around his face and pushed his wheelchair into the blizzard. “Be happy it ain’t 90 degrees.”

“We black. It’s still gon be hot.”

word count: 100


Has anyone else seen the movie, The Day After Tomorrow? You know, the one that suggests that global warming could trigger an ice age. Why else would there be a blizzard in New Orleans, right?

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge where you must write a story in 100 words or less using the provided photo prompt as inspiration. Click the froggy icon to ready other stories and add your own.

© Douglas M. MacIlroy
© Douglas M. MacIlroy

17 thoughts on “Ninth Ward Blizzard

  1. I hope the Dome is as safe as she thinks it is. Grandpa has a very good memory and doesn’t seem too sure. Great dialogue and good references to Betsy and Katrina, as well as the movie. Nicely written. Nortina.

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